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To get the most out of a visit, sometimes you need to talk to a local. Well we’ve got you covered. Look below at the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Winona region, and if you don’t see yours, use the link below to send it in to our team of Winona experts. Answers will be posted below.

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  • How do I get a taxi in Winona?+

  • Do you have a trolley or bus tour of your town?+

  • Is there anyplace to dock a boat in Winona?+

  • Is there anyplace to rock climb in Winona?+

  • What are some ways to get around Winona without a vehicle?+

  • Where can I rent a canoe or kayak in Winona?+

  • How long do the swans, blue herons, eagles stick around in the spring?+

  • Where is the trail to Sugar Loaf?+