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Tea and scones. Peanut butter and jelly. Some things just go together so well. We’ve combined some of Winona visitors’ favorite pastimes with accommodations and extras to entice you even more.

GRSF Henry V 2013

GRSF 2015 Package

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears

The nationally recognized Great River Shakespeare Festival draws audiences from across the Midwest and acclaimed actors from across the country, filling each Winona summer with a full slate of world-class entertainment. Now is your opportunity to take in an amazing performance and the variety of opportunities only Winona has to offer: from viewing Monet along the Mississippi, to taking in additional performances and sipping local wine, this package has you covered.

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Girlfriend’s Getaway Travel Package

Get together and get away

You were once inseparable. Now, you’re all so busy! Relax, reminisce, and reconnect while enjoying the privacy of our whole house rental.  We’ll treat you to some of the finest food and art in the region.

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$50 Off Whole House Rentals

Are you looking for a place to gather with family or a group of friends?

At the Village House, you can enjoy the privacy of a whole-house rental which includes all four double-occupancy guest rooms―each with a full private bath so no one has to share–and access to all indoor and outdoor spaces where you can gather to enjoy each other’s company.

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