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Hiking and biking Winona’s trails

All-season exploration

The river valleys offer flat terrain or gently rolling hills and spectacular views of rivers and bluffs. Steep bluffs challenge those looking for a more vigorous adventure. Over a hundred miles of trails wind quietly along lakes and streams and through woods and fields.

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Winona County bike loops
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Mountain biking and hiking Winona

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Holzinger Lodge Trail

Unmatched beauty on trails for all

Take the family on a scenic tour through gently sloping hiking and biking trails, or treat your thrill-seeker to an adrenalin rush on the steep trails that snake down the bluffs. The trails in these parks offer something for everyone.

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Lake Park

City scenery

Paved bike paths around East and West Lake Winona offer more than five miles of scenic biking and hiking routes right in town, with plenty of bench swings and playgrounds along the way.

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winona lake scenery

Sugar Loaf Bluff

Winona’s iconic formation

You’ll know it when you see it, a nature-made monument on a towering bluff overlooking the city.

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Garvin Heights Park

Top of the world

Your perch from which to survey a breathtaking expanse of river valley, the park is also a destination for adventurous hikers and bikers.

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Prairie Island Nature Trail

Get close to nature

Stroll or bike the easy 1.5-mile trail through the wooded lowlands of Prairie Island for a glimpse at the hawks, eagles, deer and migrating birds that call these backwaters home.

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John A. Latsch State Park

A view worth the climb

Get a cardio workout scaling the bluff on a challenging trail, and reward yourself with fantastic views of the Mississippi River Valley from the top.

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Winona County Bike Loop

Pedal-perfect sightseeing

The terrain around Winona is looped by spectacularly beautiful bicycle trails aimed at a variety of riders, whether you’re out for a scenic ride with the family or a hair-raising route that is legendary among even the pros.

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Saint Mary’s University Hiking and Skiing Trails

Hike among bald eagles and bubbling brooks

Marvel at the untouched beauty in the valleys of Winona and dip your toes in Garvin Brook when you meander the 10 miles of trails tucked behind Saint Mary’s University.

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Whitewater State Park

Wonderful wilderness hiking

Lose yourself in the rugged splendor of the hiking trails that wind through Whitewater State Park, whether your pleasure is the banks of pastoral trout streams or the adventure of steep, rocky bluffs.

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Biking at Lake

City of Winona bikeways

Rolling through the city

Designated bike routes throughout the city provide a perfect way to sightsee Winona with the wind in your hair.

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