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June 6 and 7, 2015

Registration for the 2015 Life Time Tri Trinona now open at!

There are few places on this planet that are more perfectly suited to host a triathlon than Winona, Minnesota. With every stroke, pedal and stride during Life Time Tri Trinona, you’ll encounter incredible views and beautiful terrain. It will begin at dawn, as you set up in transition in front of Lake Winona and look up to see Sugarloaf Bluff rising above the town below. Following the swim, you will begin your journey into the true calling card for this event, the Mississippi River Bluff Country.

But there is a price to pay for all this ambiance. The terrain that makes this race so inviting is the very same terrain that makes this event one of the most challenging triathlons in the Midwest.

Phone: 952-229-7830

Lake Park
Winona, Minnesota 55987